About Us

Femme Corrective is a unique exercise movement based in the East Midlands, targeting women from the inside and out. 

Rebecca Wilson, founded Femme Corrective to help women overcome the issues caused by some of life’s biggest events, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast cancer. She’s combined all of her professional knowledge of the female body to help create a unique set of physical and holistic exercises that strike a balance between rehab and training. 

The natural physiological adaptations the body goes through during physically demanding events, coupled with exercise have tremendous additive benefits for you, and Femme Corrective is here to help bring this to light and more.  

Our goal 

To create a movement for women, giving them the foundations to feel restored and repaired and empowered physically and mentally.

It’s our belief that women shouldn’t have to accept some of the effects that come with pregnancy, childbirth or breast cancer.  With the right tools, and mindset we can correct muscle imbalances, pelvic floor issues, scar tissue tightness, diastasis recti and more. 

About Rebecca Wilson 

Rebecca Wilson founded Femme Corrective to help answer the need for specialist corrective health amongst women. With over 15 years of experience in training women, Rebecca is qualified in corrective fitness and an expert in female training. 
Rebecca's qualifications and experience include:

REPS accredited personal trainer, level 4
Pre and post-natal corrective specialist
Breast cancer rehabilitation specialist 
GP referrals
Weight management for diabetes and obesity
Postural correction
Spin instructor
Boxing and pad work
Circuit training
Weight training
Kettlebells and core stability
Mobility and supple strength
Strength training
Anatomy and physiology
Further nutrition for sports
Nutrition for children, play for children
First aid certified