Post-Natal Series

Post-Natal Series

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 1-2-1 Personal Training and Group booking. 

This six-week series is designed for all women postpartum and can be any time after having a child.

Your body has been through a dramatic change becoming a mother, yet postpartum is an opportunity to start anew. Get yourself moving. 

This series targets breath and movement, muscle imbalances and posture as well as reintroducing the pelvic floor and core to subconsciously work with your daily functional movement patterns. This series is tailored to how far you are into the healing process and incorporates many different types of fitness training.

Set a foundation for intentional, sustainable movement and enjoy all the amazing things your postpartum body can accomplish. 

We will empower you to self-care for yourself for the future giving you the confidence to move on with your training whatever it may be.

B.Y.O.B! (bring your own baby) welcome.

Please note:

Participation is subject to your pre-screening with Femme Corrective and you must have had your 6-week postpartum check / 10-week check if C-section with your GP before you can attend.