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Bridge The Gap Between Rehab And Exercise

Femme Corrective by Rebecca Wilson is a unique health and exercise movement specialising in preparing women for childbirth, postpartum and breast cancer recovery.


We have the 'BEFORE MUM SERIES', a holistic training session to help prepare expectant mothers for life's biggest event. 

It's a common misconception that pregnant mums shouldn't exercise. After all, a fit and healthy mum means a fit and healthy baby. We work with each and every woman on an individual basis, tailoring a unique exercise and wellbeing programme, including Visualisation, Mediation, Strength, Core, Pelvic Floor Awareness, Breath, and Lifestyle and Nutrition advice.

Our goal is to ensure you are in peak physical and mental condition to prepare you for childbirth and find time to help you bond with your baby.



We offer the 'AFTER MUM SERIES' to start a new. 

Get yourself moving and give yourself space to heal physically and emotionally from labour. Set a foundation for intentional, sustainable movement and enjoy all the amazing things your postpartum body can accomplish.

Femme Corrective works with post-partum mums any time after their six-week check, including mums who had their baby ten years ago. 

We offer a six-week series working with Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor, Core, Restoration, Muscle Imbalances and Self-Care. Using a holistic approach, we will cover functional and strength training, Breath, Visualisation, and Lifestyle.




For those who are going through treatment, post-op or veterans, we provide the AFTER CANCER SERIES, a journey of self-healing, connection, and embracement. 

Breast cancer affects the body and the mind. Beyond the stress of being diagnosed and needing various treatments, you may experience physical changes that you weren’t expecting.

Our six-week series provides regular, moderate-intensity activity both during and after cancer treatment, which will help to preserve muscle tone, joint motion, and aerobic stamina.

It can also help to combat many of the treatment-related side effects, increase energy, boost mood and self-confidence, and generally lend to a better quality of life; the benefits are endless!